Fused Quartz Discs

Clear and Opaque. Machined, Finished and Edged.

All fused quartz discs are shaped to your project specifications. Adding holes, flats, bevels, slots or any other features will be accomplished to your satisfaction.

Fused quartz discs can be produced in sizes from .250” diameter to 27” diameter.  Thicknesses can range from .040” up to 9”.

Fused Quartz Disc Surface Finishes

  • Fine Blanchard
  • Fine Lapped (no milling marks)
  • Sand blasted
  • Ground & Polished

Fused Quartz Disc Edges

  • Standard Diamond Finish
  • Fine
  • Smooth Belted
  • Fire Polished

General shop tolerances on fused quartz discs are +/- .010” on both diameter and thickness.

These specifications also apply towards opaque fused quartz, except that opaque fused quartz cannot be mechanically polished or fine lapped, only fire polished.

Clear Fused Quartz Discs

Machined Opaque Fused Quartz Disc

Examples of Fused Quartz Discs

Don’t see exactly what you need?  Supply the specifications, we’ll get it done.

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