Fused Quartz Windows

Clear fused quartz manufactured precisely to your specifications.

All of our fused quartz widows, also known as fused quartz sight ports are created to customer specifications.

We have the capabilities to produce fused quartz windows from .250” diameter to 27” diameter and thicknesses from .030” up to 5”.

Our standard specifications for fused quartz windows dimensional tolerances are +/-.005” with a scratch/dig polished surface specification of 60/40 mil spec or better. Standard flatness is 2-4 wavelengths per inch.

All fused quartz windows can be rated for pressure as long as the unsupported working diameter is supplied.

Chamfers, step ledges, holes and “O” rings grooves can be added per request.

Fused Quartz Windows

Examples of Clear Fused Quartz Windows

Don’t see exactly what you need? Supply the specifications, we’ll get it done.

Machined Glass Specialists is a true custom fabricator of quartz, silica, and borosilicate. We've been machining since 1989.

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